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Always manages to catch the moment, without ever getting in the way of the moment

"“Want gorgeous, natural images for your wedding day? Look no further than Julie Lippert. With a background in photojournalism and a true artist’s eye, Julie is the perfect combination of documentarian and artist. She always manages to catch the moment, without ever getting in the way of the moment. Her training and years of experience are what guarantees she gets the job done, every time. We also hear she has a wicked sense of humor – a real plus for helping with any wedding day jitters or camera shy subjects. Her easy going and fun approach have couples saying what a pleasure she is to work with. Her stunning pictures have them raving about her.”

The Knot

I consider myself extremely lucky to truly love what I do. Second only to race car driver, and maybe dilettante philanthropist, I have the best job in the world. I get to spend my work day celebrating love. I get to preserve for people those fleeting moments when love shows itself in a glance, or an embrace, a promise or a kiss. And I get to do it all while going to incredible parties. Plus, I usually walk away with fabulous new friends who started out as clients!

I love everything about weddings. Perhaps part of that is because of how happily married I am, how much I enjoyed planning and experiencing my own wedding, and how much happiness I still get from looking at the pictures from my big day. Those images will be with me and bring me joy for the rest of my life. To be able to give someone else such deep and lasting happiness from the images I create just makes me truly fulfilled.

And yes, I will cry at your wedding. I cry at them all. I’ll also laugh a lot, crack you up, feel like I’ve known your families for ages, and I can pretty much guarantee that when good music is playing, I’ll be grooving.

I’ve traveled around the world photographing people and places, and I’m proud to call Boston my home base. French and Belgian by birth, a native New Yorker by upbringing, and an island girl in my heart, I feel at home nearly anywhere in the world. I speak French, some Italian, and a little Greek (thank you, summers on Mykonos) When not shooting awesome weddings and traveling the globe, you’ll most likely find me at home in Lexington with my little family. We live in a tiny, 200 year old barn, which we converted from an empty shell into a home in which my family can love and grow. If I weren’t able to be a wedding photographer, I would be in interior design for sure (seeing as F1 driver is probably out).

“Such Good Photography!”

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